Today the ground hurts

Today the ground I’m standing in hurts. It hurts to walk, to see my child run freely around the house, to put food in my mouth, to take a pill for this non-stop headache. Today it hurts to be Venezuelan.

As I’m writing this, families are crying their dead. Three accounted deaths were the toll on today’s protest and the Opposition leaders are calling for another protest tomorrow. We don’t want this government, with lower case letters, we despise anything that has to do with its corruption, greed, and hate. The violence we live now has no boundaries and we are tired of it, we want peace. But not their peace, as they call submission; we want true, mind-freeing peace.

We’re being held hostage by people whose interests just rely on money. They have sold the idea of “Socialism” among the resentful, who wish they had a part on the country’s wealth with no effort. Those resented buy the loving words of an ideology that had long proved to be a failure. And most people know that by now but pride is a blindfold that as Venezuelans we can only associate with money, with gifts from the government to say the least. Every single policy they call socialist has left a deep wound in our country’s development. Just see our foreign currency exchange control policies and you find the source of everything that has been wrong with our country.

We’re held at gunpoint. There is no turning back. Every time we see a motorcycle life goes by in front of our eyes. Some had the luck of running away but the ones left here are at the mercy of violence, their power-fed violence. Paola, 23 and Carlos, 17. They were today’s toll, today’s youth being shot and dragged through the ground just because they want something else for their future.



Venezuela hurts. It did before as it does today and will tomorrow.

We don’t know where else to run, to scream, to call. We need help because we’re kidnapped in our own country and everybody listens but we could be murdered if they do something. Just like an old regular kidnapping.

Tomorrow is another day and I know we will see the light. We just have to keep shouting in case somebody powerful enough listens. We’re worthy of change, we’ve been calling for it a long time ago.

We’re here and it hurts but we’ll keep shouting.


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