A person – online

A kid, two elderly parents, a partner, no job and my stomach growling. What the best time to start writing than exactly the moment of the day when you can’t do stuff anymore? There are piles of laundry, dirty dishes, toys everywhere and not a decent family meal since Christmas. I need to get my life together and get the government out of it. I need to be happier, I need to be merrier. Maybe writing down my thoughts will help me be normal. I still remember a time where writing helped me and honestly I don’t know why I stopped.

This blog is the start of something new. Maybe crisis can bring out a number of great things and the main one could be more career oriented. Being a mom doesn’t sound much of a career so writing is where I go.

I will publish here anything I think about without any other filter than good writing. My personal life is the canvas for every single post I’ll ever write here. I’m 29 years old and it’s time for me to find my true niche, the one I’ve been thriving for my whole life. No wonder why I went to school for writing. Posts will be published in English or Spanish, depending just on how I feel about those particular words.

Here I am.

Welcome, and enjoy.


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